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The  all-in-one 
app to manage
and grow your
home services

Your ultimate mobile solution to streamline and simplify workflow, manage projects, communicate with clients, and get paid faster.

The TORQ App is an all-in-one contractor app to manage and grow your business.

Home services contractors who streamline their workflow save time and money.



Average hours contractors save per week using TORQ.

Approximate ROI when using TORQ for one year.


Average minutes it takes to create and send an estimate.


Potential revenue increase tech-resistant contractors leave on the table.

The Game Changer in the Home Services Contractor Industry.

Struggling with too many tasks, missing invoices, and never-ending administrative work? Do you want to save time and boost your profits? Look no further! TORQ is your new reliable business partner that caters to the needs of every contractor.

The  smart way  to run your home services business

Keep your project up to date with real-time project management on the TORQ app.
The TORQ construction app gives a birds eye view of all projects at once.
Track progress and manage upcoming tasks from the TORQ app for contractors.

All your projects on one map.

Easy to read, hassle-free and accurate estimates with the TORQ app.
TORQ app for contractors has real-time project updates straight to your client.

Get a bird's eye view of all your projects, keep track of progress, and manage upcoming tasks from one place.

Hassle-free estimates and invoices.

Effortlessly create and send accurate estimates and professional, easy-to-pay invoices that impress every client.

The TORQ has easy to send and easy to pay invoices straight to your clients.
Send invoices through email, text or both with the TORQ app for contractors.

Real-time project

Keep your clients in the loop with real-time updates sent straight to their inboxes.

Update and notify clients of construction projects with the TORQ app.
Real-time client updates keep them in the loop when you use the TORQ app.
TORQ construction app offers fully bilingual interface for your preferred language.
Real-time notifications with a bilingual interface with the TORQ construction app.

Fully bilingual interface para ti.

Choose English or Spanish to navigate the app in your preferred language effortlessly.

Navigate your project in Spanish and get the most out of the TORQ app.

Don't hear it from us, hear it from the pros...

I've tried many apps, but TORQ is simply unmatched. The easiest and fastest way to grow my business.

Professional contractors love the real-time updates the TORQ app provides.

– Juan P.

Home Contractor

With TORQ, I've taken back control of my business and my life. Now I have time for what really matters!

Marco Home Services Contractor

– Marcos H.


The TORQ construction app is a game changer in the contractor industry.

The TORQ Story

Led by the belief that everyone can grow and be competitive in the contractor space, the TORQ app was created by contractors for contractors. When we set out to create the TORQ app, we understood that contractors are busy with the daily responsibilities of a project and getting things done.


Managing the business aspects of our work can often go neglected. We wanted to make a product that would make project management and workflow easy, reduce the time it takes to complete these tasks, while making the experience fun and interesting. As contractors ourselves, we added features we would want to see in an app that facilitates workflow and payments for contractors, as well as making projects easily accessible and organized on a map. 


We hope you enjoy using our app, and experience how it can help you achieve your goals and #GetYourWeekendBack!

Jimmy & Johnathan


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