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Manage Your Data with Torq

Welcome to the TORQ Data Management page. As part of our commitment to your privacy and data control, we outline the steps for managing your data within the "TORQ: App for Home Contractors." This includes requesting account deletion and details on the data we delete or retain.


How to Delete Your Account

To permanently delete your Torq account and remove all associated personal data:

  1. Log into your account settings within the Torq app.

  2. Navigate to the Account Details and select the 'Delete Account' option.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm account deletion.

Please note that this action cannot be reversed and will remove your data from our records altogether.

Data Deletion Details

Upon account deletion, we will remove:

  • Your personal identification details

  • Your project and transaction history

  • Any stored payment information

Data Retention: Certain information, such as transaction records, may be retained for a specific period to comply with legal and tax obligations. However, this information will be anonymized and not linked to deleted accounts.

Removing Specific Personal Information

For those who prefer to remove specific personal data without entirely deleting their account:

  • Access your account settings to update or remove particular information.

  • Should you need assistance or wish to delete data that is not directly editable, please get in touch with us at

Special Requests for Data Erasure

Should there be any other personal information processed by us that you wish to be erased, we're here to help. Contact us directly at with your request. Our team is dedicated to addressing your concerns in line with applicable data protection regulations.

Legal Basis for Retaining Personal Information

We must retain certain personal information, whether for legal defense, compliance with regulations, or other lawful bases. Should your request for data erasure fall within these categories, we will inform you accordingly and provide detailed reasoning.


Addressing Publicly Available Information

Upon request to erase publicly available personal information that originated from our services, Torq commits to taking reasonable steps. This includes informing other parties who may be displaying or linking to your information to erase it, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your privacy.

Additional Information

  • Legal Grounds for Retention: We will inform you accordingly if there are valid legal grounds for retaining some of your data (e.g., defense of legal claims or compliance with laws).

  • Public Information: Should you request the deletion of publicly available data shared through our services, we will take steps to inform other platforms displaying your data to remove it.

Your Privacy is Our Priority

At Torq, your privacy is our top priority. For any questions, concerns, or further information regarding how we manage and protect your personal data, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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